blocked weeping tile
broken weeping tile in the ground under the basement floor

Weeping tiles protect your home. This picture shows how blocked a weeping tile can get if it’s not maintained. Weeping tile is used under the basement floor for carrying surface water, like rainwater and melting snow, away from the basement and the basement walls. Weeping tiles are the arteries that accumulate water that runs under the house and directs it out to the sewer, so it doesn’t come up through the floor and flood the basement.

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Over the years, the weeping tiles at the bottom of the building foundation get full and need to be replaced or cleaned. If they get blocked up, the water starts coming through the walls and up through the floors.

In the past, gutters from the roof were used to direct rainwater and melting snow down into the weeping tiles and into the drains under the house. This caused a lot of flooding, so the city now requires gutters to drain away from the house, but water still runs down the outside walls and down into the weeping tiles. Dirt and debris fill the weeping tiles and block the water from flowing out to the sewer.

Weeping Tiles Protect Your Home

The weeping tiles run around the perimeter of the house underground and connect to the drain in a single pipe system through a running trap, commonly known as a floor drain. This running trap is usually located in the laundry room or furnace room floor. When the flow of water is stopped by blocked or broken weeping tiles, the drain backs up, flooding occurs, and when you flush the toilet, this waste backs up onto the basement floor.

Maintain your drains so you don’t have to worry about this happening to you. Book a camera inspection and have your drain system checked right away.

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