toilet paper and water pooling around clogged drain
Do you have a smelly basement? A bad smell in the basement can be a warning that the main drain is clogged. The odours might be there all the time, or they can go away and come back. If the drain is clogged, you may see water or toilet paper gathering around your floor drain. Little flies around the house may also signify a drain issue. These tiny drain flies are often mistaken for fruit flies, but look more like a tiny moth.

These problems are especially common in older homes that have been partially renovated. The pipes may not have been glued properly and they come apart. In some cases, the older drains are clay pipes with cemented joints that shift and become separated. Water leaks out along with sewer smells and drain flies. Old existing floor drains often get covered up with carpeting, flooring, or cement. These drains are forgotten, dry out and crack. The sewer gas escapes giving off bad odours and flies can fly in and out of the drain.

If you have bad smells in your basement, have it checked out by a professional to prevent damage to your sewer system and to your home.

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Tip: If you’re doing a clay pipe replacement, it’s an excellent time to make alterations and do any renovations you want to your current plumbing design.

Snaking Done Right: Size Matters

When snaking a drain, the size of the snake has to be relevant to the size of the drain. A four inch main drain requires a ¾ inch up to a 1¼ inch diameter snake with various cutting heads. When receiving a quote to snake your main drain, make sure the company is not using a smaller ⅝ inch snake on the four inch drain. Sometimes a company will give a low quote for snaking a drain, but they’re using the smaller snake size which doesn’t clear the drain properly.

Snaking won’t repair a drain that has shifted, collapsed, or is out of alignment, so it’s important to do a proper investigation in order to solve the problem correctly. Snaking clears blockages but other action needs to be taken to fix broken, shifted, or collapsed drain pipes.

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Strong Sewage Smell

We received a call about a strong sewage smell coming from the basement. The customer had a wet area and some used toilet paper gathering around the drain in the basement. Little flies were all over and they were tired of trying to get rid of them. Upon investigating, our inspection revealed that a blocked drain was the cause of the bad odour and the flies. We used a drain camera to locate where the various problems were. The job required digging, repairs, and updating to newer methods of installation. Our customer was so pleased with the results and has had no more issues with drain flies or bad smells in their basement.

Customer Review

We were thrilled with the workmanship of the dedicated plumbing team of Lester and Mirko. For six years we had a strong sewage smell emanating from our basement. Various plumbers would come and offer up quick patchwork solutions that were costly and never solved the problem, which just grew worse and worse. When we called Lester and Mirko, they took the time to listen to our concerns and observations. They did a lot of investigative plumbing work and solved our problem completely. They replaced our main drain line, added a backwater valve, p-traps and proper floor drainage. Now our home is safe and smell free. They were honest and thorough with their work, as well as courteous, respectful and kind. We wish we had called them from the start as we would have saved a lot of headaches, time and money!

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Do You Have a Smelly Basement? Call Rooter Group Inc.

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Discover How Weeping Tiles Protect Your Home

Weeping tiles are the arteries that accumulate water that runs under the house and directs it out to the sewer, so it doesn’t come up through the floor and flood the basement. Discover How Weeping Tiles Protect Your Home. Don’t wait until the drains are blocked up at your home. Call us for preventative maintenance now.