Snake blocked drain trouble flushing

Does your toilet flush properly? Do you have blocked drains? We got a call from someone who was having trouble flushing the basement toilet. A camera inspection revealed massive roots clogging the drain.

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This picture shows how many roots the service technician removed from the pipes in the main drain! Once there are that many roots, there are several holes in the piping and the joints. Cutting the roots is not enough because they’ll just grow back more and faster. Using a high tech SeeSnake camera and locator, we can point out where the pipe runs, how deep they are, and to what extent the root infestation damage is. After inspecting the drain, we replaced and upgraded the pipes, brought it up to code, and installed a city approved backwater valve to prevent any future flooding.

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What’s the condition of your drains? You may wonder about the trees on your property and under the floor of your home. Don’t wait until the drains are blocked up at your home, call us for preventative maintenance now.

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Do You Have a Smelly Basement?

A bad smell in the basement can be a warning that the main drain is clogged. The odours might be there all the time, or they can go away and come back. If the drain is clogged, you may see water or toilet paper gathering around your floor drain. Little flies around the house may also signify a drain issue. These tiny drain flies are often mistaken for fruit flies, but look more like a tiny moth.

Do you have a smelly basement? Don’t suffer any longer and don’t settle for patchwork solutions. Call Rooter Group Inc. today and book an inspection to prevent damage to your sewer system and to your home.

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