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Revolutionizing Drain Replacement: A Seamless Solution for Worn-Out Main Drains

In the realm of home maintenance, drain issues can be a persistent headache for homeowners. Picture this: blocked drains, root infestations, cracks, and major damage—a situation where conventional repairs fall short. That’s where the game-changing solution of drain replacement steps in.

At Rooter Group Inc., we understand the frustration of dealing with drains on the brink of collapse. Our recent project showcased a customer facing precisely this challenge. Upon employing cutting-edge camera technology, we discovered their drains were beyond repair due to wear, root intrusion, and the drains had shifted, cracked, and had major damage. The optimal recommendation? Drain replacement.

But what sets our drain replacement service apart is the revolutionary technology we’ve incorporated. Gone are the days of extensive digging and messy repairs. Our innovative approach involves a streamlined process to replace the main drain, ensuring a quicker turnaround time and minimal disruption to your property.


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The drain replacement process kicks off by digging two strategically placed holes, one at the building and another at the property line. Using a cutting bullet and a 40-ton hydraulic jack, the pipe bursting machine breaks the old pipe and seamlessly pulls a new PVC pipe through the drain. Yes, you read that right—even boulders won’t stop us, as evidenced in the accompanying image.

To ensure the safety of our crew and the stability of the work area, we implement shoring in the holes. This precautionary measure prevents collapses during the replacement process. The result? A cleaner, more efficient, and faster solution to drain replacement.

If you’re facing drain troubles that seem insurmountable, consider the innovative drain replacement technology offered by Rooter Group Inc. Our method not only tackles worn-out main drains but also guarantees a more efficient and cleaner process. For further details or inquiries, call Rooter Group Inc., we’d love to provide more information and engage in conversations about our year-round drain replacement services. Experience the future of drain replacement with us!

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Drain Replacement Review for Rooter Group Inc.

I called Mirko and Lester at Rooter Group Inc. because we were having drain problems. They did a drain replacement. The crew dug 2 holes, 2×5 ft, 8 ft. deep. They also had to dig out or move large boulders. After the holes were dug, they had a pipe burster machine to push through the old drain and pull heavy duty plastic pipes through one hole to the other. They sealed everything, replaced soil and sod. You wouldn’t know that they had dug up our yard. EXCELLENT CREW! EXCELLENT JOB!
Paul and Jackie, Mississauga, ON

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Do You Have a Smelly Basement?

If you have bad smells in your basement, have it checked out by a professional to prevent damage to your sewer system and to your home. Do You Have a Smelly Basement? Don’t suffer any longer and don’t settle for patchwork solutions. Call Rooter Group Inc. today and get the job done right.

Customer Review
We were thrilled with the workmanship of the dedicated plumbing team of Lester and Mirko. For six years we had a strong sewage smell emanating from our basement. Various plumbers would come and offer up quick patchwork solutions that were costly and never solved the problem, which just grew worse and worse. When we called Lester and Mirko, they took the time to listen to our concerns and observations. They did a lot of investigative plumbing work and solved our problem completely. They replaced our main drain line, added a backwater valve, p-traps and proper floor drainage. Now our home is safe and smell free. They were honest and thorough with their work, as well as courteous, respectful and kind. We wish we had called them from the start as we would have saved a lot of headaches, time and money!
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