a long tree root removed from main drain

Flooded basement nightmare!

We removed this super long tree root from the main sanitary drain of this home. Sometimes we have tree roots longer than ten feet! This is how aggressive tree roots are, and they can block the main drain and make it so people can’t use the water.

Don’t Let This Happen to You

Tree roots look endlessly for water and nutrients, and they will take any opportunity to get inside the drains. When tree roots block the main drain, using the water causes flooding in the home. We understand the inconvenience this can cause for you and your family, so it’s our mission to respond promptly, work efficiently, and restore order to your household.

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You should have your drain maintained before each rainy season begins. This will help you avoid a flooded basement. Installing a backwater valve and a battery backup sump pump will prevent any flooding in your basement. (Even if the power goes out, you’re okay.)

Don’t wait until the drains are blocked up at your home, click on the phone number to call and book your appointment today. We will come and do a TV camera inspection to see the condition of the drain system, and see if anything needs to be fixed to prevent potential flooding.

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Discover How Weeping Tiles Protect Your Home

Weeping tiles are the arteries that accumulate water that runs under the house and directs it out to the sewer, so it doesn’t come up through the floor and flood the basement. Discover How Weeping Tiles Protect Your Home. Don’t wait until the drains are blocked up at your home. Call us for preventative maintenance now.