replacing lead pipe underground with copper pipe

We were working on the drains at this semi-detached home in the Parkdale area of Toronto, and we noticed that they still had lead water pipes.

This image shows the copper to lead piping. The hole in the ground has a grey support pipe across it to one inch plywood support sheets on each side that hold the earth back so the hole doesn’t collapse. This is called shoring. Below the grey support pipe is copper piping the city put in on the public side of the property line. Above the support pipe is old lead piping on the private side of the property line owned by the homeowner.

Lead pipes can leach lead particles into your drinking water. Because it is an odorless, colorless, tasteless metal, it can go undetected and be harmful to your health.

To make the drinking water safe, Rooter Group Inc. replaced the lead pipes with heavy duty underground copper piping, type K.

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Do You Have Lead Pipes?

According to this City of Toronto website “Lead in drinking water affects homes built before the mid-1950s when residential water service pipes were commonly made of lead. Lead was also used to solder pipes together before 1990.”

Is lead contaminating the drinking water in your home? Call us to discuss the piping in your home and keep your family safe.

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