Tree Growing Around Bike c

Blocked Drains and Tree Roots

This tree and the bike live at the backyard property line, sixty feet from a house in Toronto. This tree swallowed up the bike and is growing faster than the bike is going. Can you imagine the strength of the tree roots?

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Tree Roots Invaded and Blocked the Drain

We got a call for a blocked drain at this property, did a camera inspection, and found tree roots had invaded the drain. It was beyond spot repair and required a drain replacement. The roots were so strong; they went into the joints of the piping. We replaced the clay pipes with P.V.C. piping and fittings.

Do you have trees near your home? Do you know the condition of your drains? Do you have a smelly basement? A bad smell in the basement can be a warning that the main drain is clogged.

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You may wonder about the trees on your property and under the floor of your home. Don’t wait until you have a blocked drain at your home, call Rooter Group Inc. for preventative maintenance now.

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Flooded Basement Nightmare – We’ll Protect You

We removed this super long tree root from the main sanitary drain of this home. Sometimes we have tree roots longer than ten feet! This is how aggressive tree roots are, and they can block the main drain and make it so people can’t use the water. See a picture of this super long tree root here: Flooded Basement Nightmare – We’ll Protect You.

Tree roots look endlessly for water and nutrients, and they will take any opportunity to get inside the drains. When tree roots block the main drain, using the water causes flooding in the home. Don’t wait until you have a blocked drain at your home. Call us for preventative maintenance now.

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